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11/23/2017 Thursday: 7.5 miles AM: 7.5 miles I ran in the annual turkey trot this morning for the 11th year in a row. Chilly as usual, but at least this year there was not any freezing precipitation or heavy winds. I warmed up very briefly with Nick beforehand. When the run started I got myself up to the front with a few others right away so that when we hit the trail a half mile in I would be in good position. There was some stupid high school kid wearing just a singlet and shorts who surged up the hill but immediately lost his shoe and decided to run holding it in one hand rather than just putting it back on. I pushed myself hard up the hill to get around him and build up a bit of a lead when we got out. Feeling very drained immediately after that section but was then able to cruise. I heard someone coming up on me but was happy to find that it was Nick who had fallen behind a bit on the trail. The two of us proceeded to run the entire rest of the way together, which was nice because we were able to push each other somewhat. Kept a hard effort throughout, and although we had a sizeable lead could see that there was at least one other runner within about 100m when we hit the golf course, so kept up the pressure throughout and even into the trails around the bird sanctuary. I was feeling pretty exhausted by the time we popped out by the high school right near the finish. But Nick declared he was going to kick it in and I was thus obligated to try to hang with him in a final surge to the finish. Ended up coming through in 32:26, which was off my predicted time of 32 flat, but nearly perfect for Nick who had predicted 32:30 (which subsequently got earned him a pie). A little sorry that I was slower than last year since I had been getting progressively faster in recent years, but I also suspect we went a little longer this time in that we did not cut the far green on the golf course. Anyway it was a solid effort nonetheless, and I did achieve my goal of running my age. Also just fun to "race" alongside Nick, something that rarely ever happens these days. PM: 0 miles

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