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AM: Hanover Pt. 1
PM: Hanover Pt. 2
17 miles


PM: West Meadow
6.5 miles

45 miles


PM: Hill Repeats
8 miles


AM: Pond Path

7 miles


AM: Lighthouse

7 miles



AM: Strong Neck

7 miles


PM: West Meadow
4 miles


AM: Brookhaven Trail 15k

16 miles

49 miles


AM: Avalon

7 miles


AM: Pond Path

7 miles


AM: Poquott

8 miles


AM: Strong Neck

7 miles


AM: Nissequogue

15 miles



AM: Connetquot River

14 miles

58 miles



AM: West Meadow

8 miles



PM: Tempo Workout
8 miles



AM: Central Park

5.5 miles


PM: Mount Sinai
14.5 miles

36 miles


PM: Avalon
8 miles


PM: Lighthouse
8 miles






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Last 7 weeks of Mileage:

Tuesday April 25th, 2017: 8 miles
AM: 0 miles
PM: 8 miles Lighthouse I ran today around noon when the rain seemed to have lightened up a bit. It was showering lightly pretty much the whole way regardless, but only a couple times that it briefly got heavier. It was a little on the cool side but I was perfectly comfortable once I got going, and despite the weather sort of enjoyed the wet spring scenery.

Monday April 24th, 2017: 8 miles
AM: 0 miles
PM: 8 miles Avalon Ran around noontime today and it was overcast and mild and generally pretty nice weather for running. Had the usual day-after long run fatigue, but otherwise I felt alright and had a pretty nice run. I was surprised to see that they had mowed all the wild grass in the fields around Avalon, which was fine except that one corner of the field was swarming with little black flies that kept flying in my face. I tried a different route home on the way back that did not really work out as I had planned but was ok nonetheless

Sunday April 23rd, 2017: 14.5 miles
AM: 0 miles
PM: 14.5 miles Mount Sinai Ran in the mid-afternoon today and it was mild out with enough cloud cover to keep the sun off, so overall outstanding running weather. I did a variation of the Belle Terre loop, instead this time dipping down along Shore road through Mount Sinai. Adds a couple significant hills to the loop, but overall a pretty nice long run route. I felt pretty good in general and kept the pace fairly comfortable throughout. Started to feel a bit tired in the last couple miles, but otherwise the run went well.

Saturday April 22nd, 2017: 5.5 miles
AM: 5.5 miles Central Park I ran in the morning today with Nat, leaving Eugenes place on the upper west side and running over to the park where we looped around for awhile on the bridal path. It was mild and a little damp out, but actually quite nice weather out for running. Mostly enjoyed scoping out all the different kinds of dogs people had out and about, especially the expensive breeds you do not really see outside the city. A very fun run.
PM: 0 miles

Thursday April 20th, 2017: 8 miles
AM: 0 miles
PM: 8 miles Tempo Workout Ran in the afternoon today and figured it would be a good day for a tempo. It was sunny and a little on the warm side, but what really caught me off guard was the humidity. My legs felt good, but as I proceeded through the usual tempo loop I could feel myself getting tired earlier than usual. The final mile or so was especially tough, and I really had to push to get through it. Ended up splitting about 5:28, 5:38, 5:34, 5:33 for about 22:13. Pretty solid pace overall, about the same as I last did this a little over a month ago. I was pretty wrecked at the end, and I think the humid conditions probably contributed to that. I am satisfied with todays effort and happy to get something hard in this week.

Tuesday April 18th, 2017: 8 miles
AM: 8 miles West Meadow Ran in the late morning today, decided to do a bit of an extended loop over to West Meadow. Lovely weather out, and overall I felt pretty good.
PM: 0 miles

Sunday April 16th, 2017: 14 miles
AM: 14 miles (103:17 min) (7:21/pace) Connetquot River I met up with Jossi in the late morning at Lakeland County Park around Islip and we did a run on the white marked trail going south toward Heckscher Park. The trail was nice and flat and wide, running through something that was halfway between a forest and a wasteland. It was warm when started and proceeded to get legitimately hot before we were finished. The still-bare trees provided little cover from the sun overhead. Stopped a couple times to get water and at one point took a 10 min detour running along a highway before turning around and finding the trail followed a tunnel under a bridge to get past route 27. It was a blast running with Jossi and generally I felt good, however on the way back the heat finally started to get to me and I was feeling tired and a little light-headed by the end. Otherwise a really cool run, and a miracle that my back never bothered me the entire way. This second long run in 3 days easily makes this week my longest mileage-wise in years.
PM: 0 miles

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