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Wednesday March 26th, 2008: 0 miles
AM: 0 miles
PM: 0 miles Today was the second time i've run in the past three days. I'm really going to try and start running more consistently now. I'm at the point where if i don't do something within the next few months my body won't have any residual "trackness" in it for me to do ever get back into shape. The run was rough. I've been out of shape but that was always in the summer and by fall I was right back in shape thanks to track. Now that i've been out of school it's gotten harder and harder to get back into things. i keep on telling myself that i can always get back into shape if i really want to, just give me a month of solid training i always tell myself but as we all know it's much easier said than done. i've always taken to be in shape for granted and now that i'm so out of shape i realize how much work it took to get me into and maintain that level of fitness i was when i was still running. The worst thing is that you are your worst enemy when it comes to running, especially when you're out of shape because you just want to stop five minutes into the run because it's actually tiring. don't get me wrong, i was in pain all the time even when i was in shape but i could hold out much longer compared to now. the whole time i'm running today all i wanted to do was stop and take a breather (i actually did stop...twice). I think I ran about a mile and a half in rougly 16 minutes with 2 stops in between. I really think i've hit rock bottom here in terms of level of fitness so the only way for me to go now is up...that is until tomorrow.

Thursday November 9th, 2006: 3 miles
AM: 0 miles
PM: 3 miles I finally have a pace time for my mile and it's 9:13. Smoking fast, I know. Anyway ran 3 miles again tonight at that pace, felt ok, I can probably push myself to go faster but honestly, what's the point, I'm on a freakin treadmill. Hopefully I can continue to run when I move back home but with work and everything that will be tough. But I really need to lose the gut when I leave for Singapore since I plan on doing my runs there half naked since I was told that it's insanely hot and humid there pretty much all the time.

Tuesday November 7th, 2006: 3 miles
AM: 0 miles
PM: 3 miles 3 miles on treadmill. Went a little slower than last night. It's been a very very long time since I've run 3 miles or more back to back. Felt good afterwards. Looking forward to 3 more miles tomorrow night.

Monday November 6th, 2006: 3 miles
AM: 0 miles
PM: 3 miles 3 miles on treadmill.

Thursday November 2nd, 2006: 3 miles
AM: 0 miles
PM: 3 miles ran for 3 miles on the treadmill tonight, felt real relaxed the entire time, did it for 7.0 pace for most of it. decided to skip lifting afterwards because it was already 10:30pm and I didn't feel like staying another half hour. i actually enjoyed the run, i think i prefer running on a constant pace on a treadmill than running outside and always thinking that i'm going too slow.

Wednesday September 6th, 2006: 2 miles
AM: 0 miles
PM: 2 miles Ran 2 miles on the treadmill. Bumped up my bench by 10 pounds and I threw in some new ab exercises. I think I'm ready for alumni.

Wednesday August 30th, 2006: 1.9 miles
AM: 0 miles
PM: 1.9 miles I decided to go to the gym again today since I probably won't make it tomorrow night and it acutally didn't feel bad at all. I only ran 1.9 miles today but half of that was on a 3.5 incline since some dude near me had his up too so I had to at least match him, and I did. After 10 minutes I dropped it down to 0 since I was feeling it a little bit. I decided to stop at 15 minutes and probably could have gone more but I had eaten before I left so I didn't think it was a good idea to push it tonight. I did the usual stuff tonight sans squat again, I don't think I'm going to be doing much squatting since I don't think I need to work that much on my legs anymore if I'm no longer competing. Maybe I'll mix it in once in a while but it probably won't be a regular workout. But I did throw in a tricep workout to keep me on my toes. I still need to work on my abs and I don't really think any of the situps i'm doing is any good, I think the only way for me to make any progress on it is through running so I'm really gonna try and run more consistenly during the week.

Dude, I've been horrible about doing anything consistently... this sucks. Keep it up tho -MP

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